What measures are you taking during COVID-19?

  1. All surfaces cleaned and disinfected before and after baking

  2. All baking supplies cleaned and stored in a safe place before and after baking

  3. Food packages cleaned disinfected and kept in a safe place 

  4. Contactless payment available (E-Transfer)

  5. Contactless delivery and pick up options available

  6. Use of masks and gloves while baking. Gloves are changed between batches/stations and hands are washed every time

  7. Washing hands as per Government guidelines 

Is there any cross contamination?

No! All of our baking supplies are exclusively used for gluten free baking

Is it safe for people with celiac disease? 

Yes!! All of our treats are gluten free!

What sugar do you use?

We only use unrefined sugar: coconut sugar, maple sugar, pure maple syrup or raw honey